Raw Labels promotes the use of re-useable ID wristbands on school trips

Raw Labels promotes the use of re-useable ID wristbands on school trips

Raw Labels, the labels and wristbands for kids retailer, is urging nurseries and primary schools to supply re-useable wristbands to their pupils when heading out on school trips and visits outside of the school.

Day trips and visits are an important part of in the education and development of school children, but it also causes teachers and teaching assistants a great deal of additional work ensuring that their little charges remain safe in their group at all times.

Having inquisitive natures, children can become distracted and wander off from their teacher and the rest of the class. With so many pupils in a class and several children vying for their attention, it may take some time for teachers to realise that a member of their group is missing.

When this happens, school staff must focus on locating the missing child which can be problematic if the school trip is in a particularly busy place.

Using a re-useable ID wristband complete with the child’s name and teachers’ mobile phone number is a good way of helping to reunite a pupil with their school group as they’ll be carrying vital information on their person should they be discovered by a member of the public.

These bright wristbands are completely waterproof, easy to put on and come in a variety of child-friendly designs making them incredibly popular with children.

Many schools who’ve already seen the benefit of the wristbands from Raw Labels have used them as part of their safety procedure before they leave the school grounds where they explain the steps children must take should they become separated from their group.

Sven Miller from Raw Labels said “Not only do these resilient labels offer additional peace of mind for school staff and teachers, but they also help re-enforce the safety in groups message to children who just love our range of colourful and playful designs.

With our wristbands being made of soft plastic, using a water-resistant pen means that they can also be used at swimming pools and water parks making them ideal for school trips and extra-curricular activities.”

To find out more, visit https://www.rawlabels.co.uk