Raw Labels stickers can be used to jazz up dull pencil cases and lunchboxes

Raw Labels stickers can be used to jazz up dull pencil cases and lunchboxes

Parents keen to unlock their child’s creative streak and encourage them to decorate their belongings will be able to easily with a set of decorative stickers that are perfect for both sexes.

Raw Labels specializes in personalized printing and labels for toddlers and children, with their product range providing parents with peace of mind in the form of wristbands and labels for clothing.

Their decorative sticker sets are perfect for little ones keen to express their personality and interest to workbooks, lunchboxes and pencil cases and are ideal for jazzing up dull belongings.

Sven Miller, Sales Manager said: ”Every parent wants their child to be expressive and open about what it is that they look and these stickers are the perfect way to facilitate that.

“The stickers come in packs of 77, ensuring that there is plenty of choices, even for the fussiest of children. With so many designs to choose from, the stickers are also perfect for siblings or groups of friends to share.

“Children can choose between characters including animals, vehicles and musical instruments and most of the stickers are fairly gender-neutral. Other eye-catching examples included in the set feature a palm tree, a heart and a butterfly.

“Encouraging little ones to decorate their belongings will certainly promote creativity and will help them to feel more connected to their own personal identity, not to mention that it’s also just really fun!”

Stickers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Raw Label’s extensive product range and parents keen to ensure that their child’s belongings are recognizable will also love these large name labels, which come complete with a character of the child’s choice.

Parents anxious about sending their child away on school trips can also gain peace of mind when they choose these reusable kid’s wristbands. Composed of a plastic, waterproof material, parents can write their child’s name and contact details on the wristbands.

For more information about Raw Labels, check out the website at: www.rawlabels.co.uk