Raw Labels urge parents not to give in to mounting pressure from the toy industry

Raw Labels urge parents not to give in to mounting pressure from the toy industry

With the pressures of Christmas still a clear memory for most, Raw Labels, a provider of re-useable ID wristbands, sticky name labels and iron on clothing labels for children, is urging parents not to give in to the pressure put upon them by the toy manufacturing industry to overspend on expensive ‘trending’ toys.

With over 30% of parents feeling pressured into giving their children the best of everything when it comes to the latest toys and many spending hundreds of pounds at Christmas, Easter and on birthdays, many parents put themselves into debt each year by giving in to their children’s requests for the latest ‘must-have’ toys.

Toy manufacturers are experts in advertising to a younger audience and creating a desire for these toys which often leads to high price tags and toy store confrontations as they battle to secure the items their children have asked for. This goes against the essence of gift giving and can be a real source of anxiety for parents who go to extreme lengths to keep up with the demands created by toy creators.

Therefore, Raw Labels is offering parents a few alternatives that are affordable and more in tune with the spirit of gifting.

Firstly, toy sharing parties offer a simple solution to gift overspending and give children the opportunity to play with more toys than they ever thought possible. By adding a sticky name label from Raw Labels, toy share parties can encourage children to share their toys, and it also gives them the opportunity to try out some other items that their friends bring along too.

As each toy is colourfully labelled with the child’s name, they’ll be no disputes over who owns what when it comes to home time either.

Another great option is to buy a selection of the items the child has requested, but not all of them as there are several toy lending initiative springing up all over the UK that allows children to trade toys for up to a week. This is a bright idea by parents who often feel overwhelmed by the cost of new toys and agree that many of these ‘desirable’ toys end up at the bottom of a toy box in a matter of days anyway.

By adding a sticky name label to each toy the child wants to trade, parents can rest assured that their toy will be returned to the correct person once the lending period is over and their child will have access to more toys than they could possibly fit in their bedrooms without their parents giving in to the pressure placed on them by toy manufacturers.

To find out more about the range of kid’s name sticky labels from Raw Labels, visit https://www.rawlabels.co.uk/small-name-labels-for-kids