My Real Games is helping to fight depression and anxiety with video games

My Real Games is helping to fight depression and anxiety with video games

 Leading games website, has welcomed new research which suggests that conditions like depression and anxiety could be eased by playing computer games. The free games site has hundreds of titles across a range of genres, all of which can be accessed with no registration or payment required.

The study, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, found that severe symptoms of depression and anxiety can be relieved by playing computer games. Nikolai Veselov, from said, “This research is greatly encouraging for anyone suffering from conditions such as depression. It’s clear that there is much more to gaming than simply passing the time and we’re fascinated by its applications for mental health, education and similar. All of our games are free to play online, download or via mobile and with dozens of new titles added every month, it’s easy to get that much needed escapism.”

The new study is just one in a growing volume of research that has been able to highlight a link between playing games and an improvement in the symptoms of depression. The most effective types of games are ones that involve strategy and tactical thinking. offers a large selection of puzzle games, for gamers who want to clear their mind and focus on solving problems and moving through challenging levels.

All of the titles available at are totally free and can be played on multiple platforms. Games like Jewel Quest II and Space Bubbles give players a quick-paced mental challenge, while games like LandGrabbers offer a longer, more tactical adventure.

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