Real time speech-to-speech group translation app Mymanu launches just in time to help language lacking holidaymakers enjoy their summer break

Real time speech-to-speech group translation app Mymanu launches just in time to help language lacking holidaymakers enjoy their summer break

A unique new app which offers real time speech-to-speech translation in more than 29 languages has launched just in time to help the millions of Brits jetting off on their annual sun-soaked break embarrassed by their inability to speak the local language.

Research by the British Council[1] this month found that 46% of Britons are embarrassed by a lack of language skills, with 36% feeling guilty for asking others to speak English and a woeful 42% admitting to speaking slowly and loudly in English to make their point. Couple this with the explosion of jet setters and adventurers who’ll spend an estimated £2.8 billion exploring with AirBnB alone this year, and you have a recipe for linguistic disaster.


The new live voice-to-voice group translation app, Mymanu Translate can change all this. It is designed to unlock authentic experiences with a proprietary system which gives the best machine translation

possible. Once downloaded, even the 56% of English speakers who admit to pointing at menu items rather than trying to pronounce foreign words can explore with confidence. With Mymanu Translate, it’s possible to enjoy an authentic café con leche in the rolling hills of rural Castilla y Leon, or a pizza di crosta sottile in a 19th-century pizzeria in ancient Bologna thanks to smart, real time, speech-to-speech translation at the tap of a smartphone button.


Danny Manu, Founder and CEO of Mymanu Translate said, “Alternative tourism, where travellers seek out more authentic experiences by staying in apartments and flats rather than resorts and hotels is booming across the globe. Increasingly, people want to experience real life in their chosen destination and that means trying the food, meeting people, shopping and exploring.  Although seeing familiar names such as Zara, H&M and Starbucks can be reassuring, many people want to try local markets, eateries and stores. Of course, the best way to find those places is to speak with local people, but you can’t do this if you don’t speak the language. The Mymanu app is the key to finding and enjoying those local recommendations.”


From tapping into local favourites and translating directions when lost to accessing vital services such as medical care and emergency services, the Mymanu app provides world class-leading translation accuracy in more than 29 of the world’s most popular languages. These include Spanish, French, Italian and German. It enables holidaymakers to chat to more than two billion people with- live and real-time voice-to-voice translation with transcripts on screen for immediate use.


The apps uniqueness encompasses an ultra-useful group translation option, where the user can create a private group chat and then share the secure invitation to others so they can join. Invitations can be sent via email or QR code to keep the conversation secure. No other leading apps provide this function. Accessible via Wi-Fi or data connection, the group translation option is endlessly useful for those travelling overseas – it could even be used when lost to get directions from their AirBnB-rented flat owner for their cab driver in the local language.


The Mymanu app is currently in beta testing and can be downloaded free of charge.


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