Rebel Aromas Announces UK Launch of Luxury Dupe Fragrances at Affordable Prices

Rebel Aromas Announces UK Launch of Luxury Dupe Fragrances at Affordable Prices

Rebel Aromas, a new UK fragrance company, is thrilled to announce its official launch, offering a wide range of luxury dupe fragrances crafted by fragrance experts in Manchester.

The brand is on a mission to make designer-inspired scents accessible to everyone by providing high-quality, long-lasting perfumes and aftershaves at a fraction of the designer price. Launched during a time of rising living costs, Rebel Aromas recognises the importance of self-expression through fragrance, without the hefty price tag that many of the premium brand’s command.

“During the current economic climate, we at Rebel Aromas understand the desire for affordable luxury,” says Rebel Aromas Director, Louis Smith.

“Our team has years of experience in the fragrance industry, and for the past year, we’ve been dedicated to creating high-quality and affordable alternatives to popular designer fragrances,” explains the firm’s Abi Neale.

Director Karl Neale adds, “We want everyone to have the opportunity to smell and feel confident without breaking the bank.”

Rebel Aromas takes pride in its commitment to quality. Their fragrances are meticulously crafted in small batches by a team of expert perfumers based in Manchester. These perfumers have worked tirelessly over the past year to develop a range of scents that are virtually indistinguishable from their designer counterparts.

The team works closely with a dedicated fragrance house to create these expertly crafted scents. Their development process begins by understanding the market and what fragrances resonate with customers.

“We conducted extensive market research to determine the most popular designer fragrances,” says Smith. “Based on this research, we developed a selection of scents similar to favourites like Dior Sauvage, Creed Aventus, Baccarat Rouge 540, and Black Opium. We believe everyone deserves to feel confident and smell amazing, and with Rebel Aromas, they can achieve that without compromising their budget.”

Though a young company, Rebel Aromas has ambitious plans for the future. With a strong foundation in fragrance and marketing, the team is confident in the quality and appeal of their products. They aim to become the UK’s leading seller of affordable, luxury dupe fragrances in 2024. To achieve this, they plan to expand their product range based on customer feedback and forge strategic partnerships with retailers who share their vision.

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