Recruitment in the Logistics Sector is Finally on the Rise, According to Midland Pallet Trucks

Recruitment in the Logistics Sector is Finally on the Rise, According to Midland Pallet Trucks

In an industry where recruitment has long been an issue, one manual handling equipment provider is reflecting on the positive future ahead as more initiatives get started to reform the sector.

Along with a range of companies operating within the logistics industry, the Department for Transport has joined a new recruitment initiative known as Generation Logistics, which aims to raise awareness of the crucial industry and encourage more people who are seeking employment to apply for the myriad roles that are currently open.

Midland Pallet Trucks, a key supplier of hand pallet trucks, lift tables, and manual stacker trucks is part of the larger Midland Bearings group that has been supplying warehouses and other logistics firms with the manual handling equipment they need to do their job quickly and effectively.

From their interactions with a range of logistics-focussed businesses, Midland Pallet Trucks has seen first-hand the issues that the sector has faced due to drops in recruitment, especially over the pandemic years.

According to recent research, 90% of the UK population has never considered working in the logistics industry, despite the sector employing over 2.6 million people. Midland Pallet Trucks hopes that new employment initiatives will showcase the varying opportunities that are open in the industry and encourage more people to consider taking up a role in logistics.

“Logistics is a rewarding and interesting industry to work in, especially for those who aren’t sure on their career path or are looking to switch industries. The past few years have been especially tough as employment figures have consistently dropped, but these new efforts point towards a much brighter for the industry. We hope that our customers and other partners will benefit greatly over the next few years,” comments Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Bearings.

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