Rehab Isn’t the Solution for Troubled Stars, Says International Recovery Coach

Rehab Isn’t the Solution for Troubled Stars, Says International Recovery Coach

While rehab is the common choice for troubled celebrities battling alcohol and drug addictions, it provides only a short-term solution in many cases, according to a leading International Recovery Coach.

Vanessa Moss, Recovery Expert at Result Based Recovery, said, “The recent news of Ant McPartlin and his return to rehab demonstrates that a different approach needs to be taken when fighting addictions. For professionals in the recovery industry, the relapse Ant has experienced is an all too common occurrence as the individual adjusts back to normal life and busy working schedules despite their fragile health and mindset.

“Rehab does have its benefits, but it puts those facing their demons in a bubble so once they leave the pressures of a normal routine can be overwhelming, leading to a relapse in many cases. Ant is likely to have left rehab feeling positive after spending a world away from the stress, triggers, people, temptation, and dealers of reality. However, he was then thrust back into the limelight and the high-pressure world of show business as he quickly returned to work, it’s this aspect of addiction care that needs overhauling.”

Result Based Recovery’s ethos is that support after rehab is absolutely critical to long-term recovery and results that allows each individual to thrive. This way of thinking has led to the establishment of recovery coaches. The approach means that there is dedicated support close to hand when recovering addicts need it most, such as when they’re facing a stressful situation at work and feel as though they can’t cope. The recovery coaches help put in place a plan for moving forward, covering areas such as stress relief, sleep, and nutrition, as well as providing essential support in their home and work environments, leading to exceptional results.

Moss added, “A recovery coach is vital for helping a person transition back into life, especially when they’re in the limelight. In rehab it’s easy to stay away from drink and drugs as they’re protected and safe, a recovery coach is about finding better ways to manage in the real world.”

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