Reinforcement Products Online Offers a New, Easy to Use Service for Steel Reinforcement Solutions

Reinforcement Products Online Offers a New, Easy to Use Service for Steel Reinforcement Solutions

An industry first new service, Reinforcement Products Online has opened its doors today offering a quick to navigate, easy to use format for construction firms to source the prefabricated steel solutions they need.

The newly launched, UK site offers a range of reinforcement mesh, reinforcement accessories and prefabricated steel reinforcement solutions to meet the concreting job needs of UK builders. The new service promises timely arrival of goods– most clients should expect a three-day turnaround from order to delivery – and smaller firms can benefit from a tailored, flexible approach.

Reinforcement Products Online is a new arm of Heaton Products, and the inspiration for the service came from the realisation that many smaller firms seeking concrete reinforcement solutions from big suppliers often struggle to obtain the resources they need. From experience, the team behind Heaton Products and Reinforcement Products Online understood that major suppliers often concentrate on big clients at the expense of smaller outfits. As such, the Heaton Products team developed a service that delivers bespoke reinforcement solutions, with customers having the option to submit their project drawings online for analysis. From this, Reinforcement Products Online collaborates with the client to create the right cutting and bending schedule.

This approach is part of the firm’s larger commitment to an inward focus on the British construction industry. Heaton Products is keen to buck the current trend of under-investment in the UK construction sector. With deep industry ties, the firm is all too aware that the Brexit factor is hitting the sector hard and their new Reinforcement Products Online arm is focused on helping businesses in the industry combat the adverse effects and still attain success.

Martin Heaton, owner of Reinforcement Products Online said, “We’re really pleased with the way our Reinforcement Products Online service is shaping up. Our goal is to provide a quick, easy to use and robust service for smaller firms who might find it hard to get the steel reinforcement solutions they need in a timely manner. We’ve rolled out this new platform because we understand just how hard it can be for smaller firms out there to get what they need. And, just because firms are smaller than some of their rivals, it doesn’t mean their jobs don’t have deadlines.

“But, at the same time, we also wanted to show some faith in the UK construction sector. We work with clients across all areas of the sector, and we know just how hard Brexit is hitting a lot of companies. We think it’s important to show that there is confidence in UK firms and the industry as a whole.”

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