Relationship Management Experts Invite Business Community Members to Supercharge their Networking Skills

Relationship Management Experts Invite Business Community Members to Supercharge their Networking Skills

Professionals who fear their networking skills may be a little rusty after months of digital events can now get expert training to reinvigorate their communications and connections from the relationship experts at Covve. The state-of-the-art relationship management tool has designed an inspiring new course to help professionals around the world supercharge their networking skills and get back to their business best.

Delivered by networking expert Vanessa C. Roberts who takes the lead as Maverick, she provides an irresistible call to action for subscribers to ‘ungoose’ themselves and become fully fledged networking heroes with the new and highly engaging course.

Network This calls on Covve’s extensive experience in the field of professional relationships. It is a useful, engaging course that enables professionals to sharpen their networking skills right now thanks to actionable advice and practical, hands-on exercises.

An entirely free resource, Network This is loaded with helpful hints and real world takeaways, including suggestions for better engaging with others and tactics to add value to current networks with meaningful communications.

Delivered as a weekly online e-newsletter, Network This provides professional training to subscribers on the go, helping them to analyze the benefits of each networking situation. As an online course, modules can be taken at the user’s own pace, and slotted around work commitments.

“We’ve been planning this course for some time now, building it on myriads of data entries that we’ve been gathering – activation points, stimuli, relationships harnessing techniques – you name it.

“Collected, analyzed and prioritized here at Covve, we offer something totally unique that promotes action, not apathy and provides our learner members with the tools they need to REALLY make things happen after each lesson.”

Each lesson on powerful networking is validated by research and data from top-tier university studies, psychologists and other experts in the field. Participants are actively encouraged to put the practical skills they develop as they study to use immediately to make things happen in their fields.

Designed for career ladder climbers, fundraisers, sales professionals and anyone looking to forge meaningful connections, students are also given unrestricted access to Covve’s subject matter experts as part of the growing Covve learning community.

Delivered in a tongue in cheeky, quirky yet engaging manner that motivates, inspires and enables subscribers to set their own goals through practical exercises, many learners across the globe have already headed the call to action to get more from their networking efforts with the word spreading quickly amongst the business community.

Covve Founder Yiannis Gavrielides said, “We know that months of isolation have really taken their toll, not just on businesses and their balance sheets but on individuals too. Knowing how to network effectively and how to get the most out of meaningful connections is key to reinstating confidence and getting career and corporate goals back on track after a prolonged period of inactivity.

“We designed Network This as a practical course full of fast, actionable tools and skills that are sure to garner real results. We hope to inspire students to take their professional development to the next level and supercharge their networking skills in 2021.”

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