Remote Shetland Islands: Home to Next Social Media Revolution

Remote Shetland Islands: Home to Next Social Media Revolution. – A Human Dictionary

Shetland ponies and a bleak Shetland crime series are what’s defined the northern islands off the shores of mainland Scotland. Now two Shetland entrepreneurs are about to bring fame of a different kind to the remote Scottish island with a revolutionary new way for people to contact each other., which is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on 2nd May 2018, will allow users to connect with each other’s social media using a single word.

Chris Clough, Co-founder of, said, “People have so many social media profiles it’s become harder to remember them, let alone to share them. makes all that information accessible with just a single, unique word. Unlike Facebook, we don’t need or even want any personal information other than the basic sign-up; our unique concept is that we are just a gateway to the social media you already have. The user has complete control of what they want to share.

“The unique concept of allows each user to link all their social profiles with their own unique word. It doesn’t just make connecting easier; it can give a snapshot of a user’s personality or profession, whether they’re flirty, quirky, romantic or a plumber. It can even be used as an easy-to-remember verbal business card, ’Look me up in the Diktionary, I’m journalist’. Simple.

“Or imagine being in a club and rather than having to swap numbers or search on Facebook you can simply say, ‘I’m amazing’. And that’s it. You’ve just passed on all your chosen social media and contact information. All they have to do is go to, search for the word ‘amazing’ and there you are.” has been developed with the vision of creating a human dictionary and a language of faces. The social, business, and practical use it provides means it’s set to become an essential part of everyday life.

The early adopters who support the Kickstarter campaign will be able to beat the crowd before it goes live and secure the word they want.

Clough added, “We’ve already been overwhelmed with the response we’ve received, the demand is unreal and it’s clear we’re really on to something. We’re not Facebook. We don’t want all your personal information. All we want is your word – that’s what sets our platform apart.

“People are already signing up at to receive their exclusive email alert detailing the exact crowdfunding launch time, determined to beat their pals to words like ‘cool’, ‘sexy’, ‘gorgeous’, and ‘awesome’, with even a few rude words thrown in too. It’s going to be first come first served when we go live, and that email alert will make all the difference in getting the word you want.

“Once we’re live, we expect our users to have plenty of fun searching for random words and seeing whose face pops up.”

This incredible crowdfunding opportunity is available until 1st June 2018 and seeks to raise £5,000 to realise the vision of creating a human dictionary that connects everyone with just one word.

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