Renewable UK Exhibition Delegates Set to Benefit from Innovative Safety Brand Skanwear’s Expertise

Renewable UK Exhibition Delegates Set to Benefit from Innovative Safety Brand Skanwear’s Expertise

Delegates attending the prestigious RenewableUK Exhibition event this year will be able to tap into the expertise and knowledge of the team at Skanwear, a leader in providing personal protection equipment (PPE). Demonstrating best in class products that can provide the protection for professionals working on ambitious renewable projects, Skanwear will be showcasing its product lines, ordering platform, and other innovative services to ensure sites continue to meet safety standards.

Bringing together the best in the renewable sector, the exhibition on 24th January 2018 provides an invaluable place for sustainable energy businesses to discuss ideas and forge new working relationships. Among those firms exhibiting is Skanwear, which aims to provide information and solutions covering safety garments throughout the event. Renewable projects offer an exciting prospect for the energy mix both in the UK and globally with cutting edge technology being deployed to solve the energy problem. But safety of workers is still paramount and the quality, certified products offered by Skanwear offers high level protection from a range of dangers, including arc flash.

Angus Long, Global Technical Manager of Skanwear, said, “The necessary safety equipment needed to protect workers on innovative renewable projects can often be an overlooked part of the process but those operating in the industry understand how important it is. While technology advancements are reducing risks within the workplace, protective clothing and equipment is still an essential and a legal requirement in many locations.

“We’re thrilled to be heading to RenewableUK this year to show that PPE can be both safe and practical, allowing skilled staff to adhere to safety standards without hindering their work. We’re looking forward to meeting businesses and individuals that are at the forefront of the thriving renewable industry.”

Skanwear launched in 1989 to create high quality clothing and accessories that safeguard against the devastating effects of electric shock and arc flash. The brand has established itself as a leader within the sector, introducing its own line of durable, professional, and protect products to

the market under the name of STRATA. Attendees will not only be able to see how Skanwear’s products provide high level protection but will be able to learn more about its innovative global ordering system Safeline that’s tailored to each customer.

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