Repair Company Urges Homeowners to be Smart When Purchasing Appliances

Repair Company Urges Homeowners to be Smart When Purchasing Appliances

Leading domestic appliance repair company, Repair Aid is urging homeowners to purchase new smart appliances wisely. The London-based firm has noted that requests for repairs and maintenance for innovative smart appliances have increased twofold within the past two years as both homeowners and landlords opt to upgrade from old machinery to connected, internet-controlled gadgets for the kitchen.

At a time when manufacturers are investing heavily in the rapidly growing area of IoT, smart appliances are becoming a standard aspect of the modern home. While there are many advantages to purchasing internet-enabled devices, Repair Aid is keen to ensure that buyers are aware of what’s involved in smart appliance ownership in a bid to help homeowners derive the most value from their investments.

Dobby Yanakiev, Managing Director of Repair Aid says, “Smart kitchen appliances feature complex technology and components, generating greater opportunities for one or more of the machinery’s components to fail, resulting in ceased operation. Operation may also cease as a result of a broken or unstable connection, with these appliances relying heavily upon reliable internet connectivity for optimal performance.

“While the concept of the ‘smart home’ is also in its initial stages, it is also important to understand that there may be some aspects of smart device security that have not yet been fully explored. There may be a notable learning curve for homeowners, especially when switching from traditional machines.”

However, Repair Aid is keen to promote the benefits that smart appliances could bring; most notably, the additional level of convenience on offer. The idea of automation is becoming increasingly important in modern, hectic society, and the remote dashboard capabilities of many forms of smart appliances enable control and monitoring from anywhere, any time.

Smart home appliances can also be an effective money saving solution, especially those devices which ‘learn’ from and adapt to individual homeowner behaviour. Smart thermostats which control heating based on individual schedules, and smart tumble dryers which automatically turn on during off peak rate hours, are amongst two of the most effective solutions for homeowners looking to minimise outgoings.

Repair Aid is confident that homeowners and landlords could fully utilise the many advantages of smart home appliances through gaining a more thorough understanding of these advanced technologies. The firm notes that call outs for smart appliances are on the rise, and is urging homeowners to be aware that while there are benefits, there are also downsides to smart devices. Repair Aid are calling on all homeowners to ensure they have a repair plan in place should things go wrong.

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