Research reveals average Valentine’s Day spend is just over £16 per person

Research reveals average Valentine’s Day spend is just over £16 per person

New research carried out by gift retailer, GiftPup has revealed that on average, the nation spends just £16.31 on Valentine’s Day gifts.

The relatively low amount suggests that many household are simply not willing to make lavish gestures to their beloved on 14th February, despite pressure to make it the most romantic day of the year. The small budget doesn’t have to mean the day is a washout though, with GiftPup saying there are lots of low cost ways to tell someone how you feel without spending the equivalent of a week’s holiday on flashy jewels and expensive lingerie.

“An analysis of orders shows that the average spend is under £17, which is perhaps not surprising given the proximity of Valentine’s Day to Christmas,” says GiftPup product manager, Emily Ford. “While the traditional expectation may be to spend a small fortune and go all out with expensive gestures, our data reveals that times are changing. Our analysis suggests that people aren’t prepared to splash as much cash on Valentine’s Day as Hollywood might have us believe, but that doesn’t detract from the importance of the occasion or mean that romance goes out the window.

“Our shoppers buying habits at this time of year show us that smaller, more meaningful gifts are the most popular. One of our most romantic and thoughtful gift options for example is a 5 Reasons Why I Love You mug. The gift giver can add their beloved’s name to the mug and then list any five reasons they love the recipient. It’s almost like a traditional love letter, but reimagined as something that can be read and enjoyed each day. At under £9, this is well within budget but heavy on the romance. It’s a perfect example that smaller spending really doesn’t mean less meaningful.”

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