Research Shows Regular Orgasms Are the Key To Health And Happiness For Menopausal Women

Research Shows Regular Orgasms Are the Key To Health And Happiness For Menopausal Women

Research suggests that regular orgasms may hold the key to happiness for menopausal women dealing with hot flushes, mood swings, depression, and anxiety, replacing traditional medication for those who prefer natural methods over pharmaceutical treatments.

Commonly, the symptoms of menopause are treated with medication – but anecdotal evidence from a study conducted by UK manufacturer, Emotional Bliss and a growing scientific body of data suggests that sexual pleasure could provide a more effective, natural treatment.

Oestrogen is the sex hormone that is responsible for regulating the female menstrual cycle, and fertility. Mostly produced in the ovaries, it plays an important role in women’s health – from cognitive function to bone health, with benefits to the cardiovascular system as well as mental health. However, this hormone declines with age, and it is this decline that triggers the start of the perimenopause and then menopause, as well as their associated symptoms.

Oestrogen, along with a cocktail of feel-good hormones including serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins are released into the body at the moment of orgasm, all of which are known to combat feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression while boosting feelings of happiness.

This is borne out by both independent medical research and a recent study conducted by Emotional Bliss[1] which confirmed that oestrogen can be produced by the brain through sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Of the 30 menopausal women who took part in the Emotional Bliss study, every single one recorded improvement to their mental and emotional well-being with regular orgasms, with a significant reduction in the menopause-related side effects which they were suffering from. It is now extending its challenge to all women in menopause with the Emotional Bliss orgasm challenge.

To take part in the challenge, women should use their intimate massager three times a week for two weeks (preferably alone) and then once per week, aiming for two orgasms per session, for a further two weeks (with or without a partner).

Those who don’t see a significant improvement in their mental and physical health can return their massager for a full refund.

Paul Telford, founder of Emotional Bliss said, “A sensational orgasm isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and one that science increasingly tells us can play a star role in improving mental and physical health while reducing stress and anxiety. The feel good effects and natural release of beneficial hormones is something every woman should be able to experience.

Emotional Bliss intimate massagers have been specifically designed to reach and stimulate the clitoris and labia, with added heat function to bring pleasurable new sensations. The Womolia is designed for toe-tingling stimulation thanks to its gently heated curved tip, while the Femblossom’s wider, shorter design and delicately heated textured surface stimulates sensitive nerve endings for intense pleasure. Both provide different sensations to help women reach orgasm.

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