Reusable pet wipes are essential for autumnal dog walks, says Cheeky Wipes

Reusable pet wipes are essential for autumnal dog walks, says Cheeky Wipes

With rainy days becoming more frequent, wet, mucky dogs inevitably result from daily walks. One brand is providing pet owners with a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to keeping their houses free from muddy paw prints.

Cheeky Wipes’ reusable pet cleaning wipes – containing ten soft and washable rainbow-coloured bamboo terry wipes and a double pocket wet bag to store wipes after use – can be used damp or dry to clean dirty pups.

Meteorology reports show that the entire UK experiences an average of 13 days of rain in October alone. For nearly half of the month, pet owners are forced to take their dogs out for daily walks in less-than-optimal weather conditions.

While many pet owners may opt for using disposable wet wipes to clean their dog’s paws, they’re prone to drying out, rendering them unusable. Cheeky Wipes’ Pet Wipes are made of bamboo and can be used with just a little water, gently cleansing your four-legged friend’s precious paws.

Once the wipes have been used, they can be put through the washing machine, ready to be dried and used again. Since they don’t contain any plastic or chemicals, reusable pet wipes are better for the environment, too.

Each year, the UK alone uses 11 billion wet wipes. By making the swap from disposable wipes to Cheeky Wipes’ reusable pet wipes, pet owners can reduce their household waste and do their bit to help the environment.

Helen Rankin, Cheeky Wipes Founder, said, “Over recent years, there has been a huge shift in consumer behaviour, with most people opting to use more environmentally friendly alternatives to day-to-day products. Unfortunately, for pet owners, this shift has been markedly more difficult, with fewer sustainable products available on the market. Our reusable pet wipe kits help animal lovers make greener choices in more areas of their lives”.

Reports suggest that in the UK alone, pet ownership is more responsible for an extra 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions than before the pandemic. With this in mind, making small changes, such as switching to reusable products, is one way that pet owners can reduce their environmental impact.

It’s an easy change to make and one that’s just as beneficial to the environment as it is to our beloved four-legged friends.

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