Reverie Farms urges consumers to investigate company ethics before clicking ‘buy’

Reverie Farms urges consumers to investigate company ethics before clicking ‘buy’

Investigations all over the world have detailed how many organizations are not as ethical as they seem on the surface. From the mistreatment of staff to testing products on animals, there’s often a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to companies and their ethics.

Reverie Farms, a family-run farm in Argyle, Texas, has urged consumers to investigate a brand’s ethical stance before committing to a purchase, to ensure they’re buying into what they think they are.

Jenae Brunner, Owner of Reverie Farms, said, “More of us than ever before are concerned with the morals of a company. But unfortunately, this has led to many implying or exaggerating their beliefs in order to make sales. Therefore, it’s imperative that consumers look deeper into a company and don’t just take it on face value, or they could regret hitting the ‘buy’ button.”

Every year, 100 million animals, including mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, fish, and birds are killed in US laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, experimentation, and chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing[1]. And although testing on animals is not illegal, many consumers avoid companies that do so. However, through clever marketing and advertising, a handful of these companies mislead consumers and portray ethical principles throughout its image. But it doesn’t just end with animal testing.

There are rules in place for ensuring staff are treated well and kept safe. But unfortunately, investigations have proven the exact opposite, with numerous members of staff treated poorly on a daily basis, and put at risk of accident or injury as a result of dangerous conditions.

Reverie Farms is committed to ensuring all products are created using wholly natural ingredients, with absolutely nothing tested on animals. Likewise, the family-run farm ensures that all staff are happy and content, and of course, safe from harm.

However, the farm goes one step further. Committed to giving back and helping those less fortunate than themselves, five percent of the profits made from the foaming hand soaps and hand bars goes straight to Feed The Children.

“It’s our duty, as fellow human beings, to help those who find themselves in horrendous situations,” added Jenae. “We are committed to being good at what we do, but also to doing good and giving where we can.”

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