Revive Old Jeans: New Circular Initiative Seeks to Give Old Jeans New Life – and Help the Planet

Revive Old Jeans: New Circular Initiative Seeks to Give Old Jeans New Life – and Help the Planet

Fast fashion – the mass production of cheap clothing whose short life invariably ends in landfills – is not sustainable for the environment. Koua Studio, a textile brand founded in 2021 to help lead change, has launched a new circular initiative called ‘Revive Your Old Jeans’ to show that a new approach is both possible and needed.

Circular fashion is a growing model that calls for the fashion industry to close a loop: rather than producing clothing whose existence ends in a landfill once their purpose is spent, it aims to produce clothes which can be reused and repurposed in a loop – thus reducing waste as well as preserving natural resources.

Erika Alvarez, CEO and Founder of Koua Studio, says: “Recirculating clothes is by far the most efficient way to reduce its footprint. If a pair of jeans takes 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton, with this initiative we are slowing down the consumption of new jeans, creating awareness of the problem, and giving a solution – while also making an impact in someone’s life in Mexico.”

In collaboration with Reworks UK, a social enterprise and community interest company, Koua Studio is offering to the 50 first users who register to their ‘Revive our Old Jeans’ campaign to rework their old pair of jeans in a completely new garment, or simply repair them with handmade textiles.

All the garments will be reworked or repaired with Koua’s recycled textiles, made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and handmade by Mexican artisans. All textiles are made with traditional looms, making the weaving process as environmentally friendly as it gets.

“Koua-Studio textiles are not just a piece of fabric,” Erika adds. “They are handmade, taking hours of work and years of knowledge, and they are embodied in cultural heritage. This deep authenticity and unique heritage are deserving of preservation, respect, reciprocity, and fair remuneration. It means creating jobs with a fair living wage that meet the needs and aspirations of the artisans’ family and community, so that we can make a positive impact both environmentally and socially.”

The reworking of jeans will be free of charge to the first 50 users to register, while the following 50 will receive a 50% coupon off the service.

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