The revolution is here: giant performing robots look to take over entertainment world

The revolution is here: giant performing robots look to take over entertainment world

Pioneering mavericks The Robo Show have changed the entertainment world forever with their launch of 8-feet tall transformer-like robots who can dance, shoot lasers and interact with the public.

Fusing state-of-the-art technology and jaw-dropping performances, the larger-than-life cosplay performers create a truly stunning visual spectacle suited for any party, nightclub venue or entertainment event. What’s more, The Robo Show’s dancers can create a sure-fire attraction at events and exhibitions, with the robots able to use their chest-mounted tablets, flashing lighting and laser systems to display or enhance brand iconography, logos and graphics.

Sean Wienand, The Robo Show Managing Director, said: “Our robot performers create a mesmerizing spectacle wherever they perform. Our costumes allow them to tower above the crowd and create a truly striking sight.

“When you combine their huge size with the fact that they can dance, shoot lasers, interact with crowds and display branding, you’ve got a publicity magnet that’s fit for almost any purpose. Whether it’s a nightclub, children’s party, festival or exhibition; who doesn’t want a giant performing robot there?”

The Robo Show’s dancers are trained in-house by their own personal choreographer in London, and the company works with manufacturers and artists from across the world to create their stunning costumes.

Sean added: “People around the world are constantly searching for something that can give their party, event or exhibition that added wow factor. We’ve created a unique attraction able to do just that.”

The Robo Show has a variety of remarkable robot costumes available to choose from, each one with different colours, designs and lighting effects. The recent addition of Segway-mounted units to the repertoire has the team particularly excited and seeing these revolutionary entertainment and marketing marvels gliding through an event, literally stops traffic.

As well as creating a bespoke, tailored package for any need, The Robo Show’s performers can travel anywhere in the world to create the ultimate entertainment attraction.

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