Revolutionary global spaces service set to usher in new era of energy efficiency and save users thousands of pounds annually

Revolutionary global spaces service set to usher in new era of energy efficiency and save users thousands of pounds annually

Energy and building services specialist’s global associates have developed a game-changing new solution to energy saving called global spaces, which has the potential to save businesses and organisations around the country tens of thousands of pounds every year on their energy bills.

In order to achieve such massive savings, global spaces merges the power of IT and BeMS (building energy management systems) so that owners of large buildings such as offices and university buildings can optimise the heating and cooling of their rooms based on actual usage.

This results in a much more efficient net spend on energy for owners, with a typical installation saving tens of thousands of pounds annually. What’s more, global spaces can be configured and delivered for buildings within a month, meaning that users of the groundbreaking new solution will be able to realise their huge savings in a timely fashion; with an ROI within 12 months

Paul Wetherfield, global associates CEO, said: “We invest heavily in R&D and global spaces is a product resulting from this investment. Following a very successful roll out in a large university campus we are very excited to launch our new energy solution to the market place.”

global spaces works by integrating multiple BeMS with each respective room booking and room reservation product within multiple buildings. This allows an all-in-one control point of multiple buildings which grants energy savings across entire estates.

Users of global spaces can see specifically where their savings are coming from too; the solution is fully transparent and provides a wealth of instrumentation data that provides definitive, easy-to-understand savings information. global spaces also comes with full 24/7 support for its users every day of the year.

Darryl Gregory, TREND Sales Leader said: “TREND partners are industry leaders in creating innovative technology solutions, that ultimately drive down energy consumption and cost for clients and end users.  global associates ‘global spaces’ is a fantastic example of this innovation.  It offers an intelligent integration and control solution that seamlessly interfaces with the TREND product family in order to deliver significant savings.”

As is natural with reduced energy use, global spaces will also minimize the impact of increased energy use on the environment, providing a win-win solution for both the planet and the user. It’s also highly beneficial for people inside the buildings, as it provides an optimum wellbeing environment in order to work, study and socialise.

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