Revolutionary, patent pending water bottle designed to hold hot and cold liquids simultaneously launches on Kickstarter

Revolutionary, patent pending water bottle designed to hold hot and cold liquids simultaneously launches on Kickstarter

DUO is made from 100% rPET recycled plastics and fights single use plastic waste

A revolutionary new water bottle designed to hold both hot and cold liquids simultaneously and made  from 100% rPET recycled plastics will soon launch on Kickstarter as it forges ahead with plans to go on sale worldwide later this year.

DUO is entirely unique – it’s a water bottle made from old water bottles, which would otherwise have ended up in landfill and is the world’s first lifestyle bottle which can be used to carry two drinks in one. The smart design is perfect for those striving to reduce their use of single-use plastic and throwaway hot drink cups, as well as being super convenient and a stylish addition to any daily routine.

DUO’s 2-in-1 bottle design is groundbreaking, from both a concept and material perspective. It holds 350ml of liquid in a double-wall thermally insulated stainless steel bottle and 350ml of liquid in an outer plastic bottle. The 350ml stainless steel bottle fits inside the 1L rPET outer bottle, with both securing to the same lid. This means you can carry either container independently, if you so desired, all while using the same lid!

The smartest part of the design is the lid. It has two separate drinking outlets built in, with a cold liquid outlet in the form of a rotating nozzle attached to a straw and a drinking hole, which functions as a hot liquid outlet covered by a swivel lid. There are two separate threads on the underside of the lid so each bottle can attach to the same lid independently, further streamlining the design and increasing convenience for users. Each outlet is also made to be 100% leak proof so there is no spillage when transporting DUO.

DUO is the brainchild of Sarah Scourfield and Ed Sweet who set out to design their ground-breaking lifestyle bottle after becoming frustrated at having to carry two bulky receptacles for their morning coffee fix and bottle of water during the daily commute.

Sarah said, “Ed and I are both environmentally conscious people and so began using both reusable water bottles and coffee flasks as a starting point to cutting out single-use plastics in our lives. We soon found having two separate bottles was inconvenient, awkward and heavy, not to mention finding a bag big enough to carry both was a mission of its own!

“After much searching, we found there was no suitable solution and given we knew that single-use cups and bottles have such a detrimental impact to our planet, we realised we needed to take the chance to create something that not only solved a daily niggle, but actively helped the environment too.”

Ed adds, “In addition to the fact that the design is so unique, the material used is also exceptional. We spent a lot of time sourcing rPET (a material made entirely from recycled plastic bottles) for our bottle. Many existing bottles using rPET only do so as a percentage with one leading mineral water company’s bottle being 50% rPET and 50% PET (as of April 2018). Another brand’s water bottle contains just 25% rPET – and these are two pioneers introducing rPET into the industry. The DUO outer container is made from 100% rPET (with the exception of the lid), so quite literally it’s a reusable bottle made from other bottles.”

With over 500 billion water bottles and 16 billion coffee cups discarded each year, DUO’s ability to hold hot and cold drinks simultaneously in one compact bottle will not only cut down on single-use plastic consumption, but also bring a new level of convenience to everyday life. The clever design is also kind to the wallet, removing the need to repeatedly buy throw away plastic bottles.

Perfect for commuting, the school run, festivals, sports fans, outdoor lovers and travellers, DUO will launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund production on Kickstarter on 14 March, 2019.

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