Revolutionary posture trainer launched to improve posture and reduce back pain for office workers

Revolutionary posture trainer launched to improve posture and reduce back pain for office workers

A discrete new posture trainer which uses technology to improve postural function and spine health has launched.

Using SMART technology that reactivates, trains and optimises postural activity for people who spend long periods in a seated position, the Sit Straight Active Posture Trainer utilises foot pressure and position readings. The readings are taken from sensors embedded in a mat which sits beneath a desk or workstation and transmits data to the user’s computer.

With an easy to understand colour coded data panel, the user can adjust the pressure and foot position to achieve the optimal seated position and alleviate common musculoskeletal complaints including back pain, neck pain, tension and headaches. The Sit Straight Active Posture Trainer is the creation of expert Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Practitioner, Karl White.

A recognised expert in postural rehabilitation, he said, “For years, millions of people worldwide have been suffering from the impacts of sitting in an incorrect position at work or have been caused discomfort by trying out other posture correctors that force the body into an unnatural, uncomfortable position.

“After treating many of these individuals over time, I set about creating a product that stimulates postural muscle activity and correction from the correct neurological perspective, resulting in a technologically advanced, easy to use and discreet product that takes the pain away from sitting all day.”

Research suggests that in 2018, 6.6 million working days were lost due to musculoskeletal disorders with 469,000 workers impacted. This came at an annual cost of over £4.5 billion and represented a staggering 30% of all UK cases of work-related ill-health.

Unlike other products which force users to adopt a new, uncomfortable position, the Straight Active Posture Trainer actually trains postural activity while sitting down at a desk. It boasts other work-related benefits such as improved concentration and productivity as well as improved circulation and optimised respiratory function.

Ideal for those who spend hours working at a desk or workstation either at home or in an office environment, the Sit Straight Active Posture Trainer is made up of three recyclable layers with the top featuring a comfortable neoprene finish for added comfort.

A middle layer contains sensors that relay data to the user’s computer via a wireless connection with a rechargeable battery with an anti-slip base completing the revolutionary new product.

For easy transportation, the Sit Straight Active Posture Trainer also comes complete with a bespoke holdall bag to ensure that users can benefit from the spine health-improving product regardless of their location.

For employers, the new Sit Straight Active Posture Trainer adheres to Display Screen Equipment legislation (UK 1992) and seeks to reduce staff absences, minimise the associated financial burden for employers, improve performance and encourage a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

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