Rhubarb and Custard Sweets Given Delicious, Grown Up Twist with Gin Infusion Set to Fly Off Shelves

Rhubarb and Custard Sweets Given Delicious, Grown Up Twist with Gin Infusion Set to Fly Off Shelves

Demand for tasty retro sweets and fun, quirky ways for experiencing gin have fused together in Holly’s Lollies latest product launch. The brand, which already has a legion of fans eager to try its latest boozy creations, takes traditional confectionary and gives it a playful, modern twist by incorporating real alcohol for treats that’ll delight at any occasion.

The newest edition to the growing range expertly blends gin with the much-loved rhubarb and custard confection. Complementing the brand’s exciting product range, which includes unique Raspberry Prosecco Humbugs and Gin and Elderflower lollipops, the rhubarb and custard sweets with real gin are fast expected to become one of Holly’s Lollies most in demand confections. Combining tart rhubarb gin and creamy vanilla custard, the latest flavour has been designed to transport customers back to their childhood, with an alcoholic edge.

Holly Brook, Director of Holly’s Lollies, said, “I love experimenting with different flavours and rhubarb and custard is an iconic British pairing. Adding a touch of gin really helps to balance and enhance the classic flavours while adding something unique. Our boozy confections have gone down a storm since we launched, whether they’re purchased as a quick treat or handed out as wedding favours, and we’re anticipating seeing lots of people adding the gin, rhubarb, and custard blend to their list of favourite sweets, we certainly had a lot of fun creating it.”

Holly’s Lollies gives retro, hard sweets a fresh update through adding real alcohol, the only UK retailer to do so, but it maintains traditional production methods. Every sweet that is delivered to customers has been handmade in the UK using decade old methods, guaranteeing that these modern takes are just as delicious as the original retro sweets. Controlling the manufacture of all items, from giant lollies to sweet jars, means that all Holly’s Lollies’ products are allergen free and vegan friendly. The brand also offers a personalisation service, perfect for putting an individual stamp on favours for weddings, birthday parties, and other events.

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