RLM Law Launches Legal Coaching Service to Address Access to Justice Challenge

RLM Law Launches Legal Coaching Service to Address Access to Justice Challenge

Families struggling to access the legal representation that they need are being offered an alternative thanks to the launch of a much-needed service from RLM Law. The access to justice challenge has been much debated within the legal sector, with some going as far as labelling it a crisis. Seeking to address the current difficulties around accessing knowledgeable support and utilising a vast array of in-house skills, RLM Law will now be offering legal coaching to self-representing litigants.

Procedures and rules within the legal system are often viewed as complicated by the public and financial barriers can prevent victims from seeking the justice they deserve. Unnecessary delays and high costs have led to certain groups being failed by the current system. It is an area that the Chief Justice of Canada, the Right Honourable Justice Beverly McLachlin, has been committed to. In a speech at a Canadian Bar Association conference last year, Chief Justice McLachlin stated, “Access to justice in Canada remains a serious problem that imperils the public’s confidence in the justice system.”

Recognising the demand and immediate need for an alternative, RLM Law is now offering self-representing litigants the option to seek legal coaching. Legal coaching connects individuals needing legal guidance with a lawyer who can provide behind the scenes guidance, allowing individuals to take control of their own case. Combining tips, strategies, and knowledgeable insights, it’s an affordable option for those that are struggling to access justice through the traditional routes.

Lorraine Mlambo, a Lawyer and former accredited Legal Training Consultant, said, “There’s a huge problem in Canada when it comes to accessing justice and it’s essential that this issue is addressed swiftly. Everyone should have the right to the legal justice that they deserve but unfortunately that is not always the case. RLM Law has combined its legal and training skills to deliver a new service that it knows its clients can really benefit from. Legal coaching is bridging a vital gap in the current legal system.”

RLM Law is a family law firm and its latest offering of legal coaching will match the expectations and standards it has already set throughout its cases. Whether in court or outside of court, RLM Law represents the interests of its clients, delivering knowledgeable advice and guidance that’s backed by industry experience with the aim of achieving practicable, amicable resolutions.


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