From rock to classical, Breve Encounter celebrates the diversity of music

From rock to classical, Breve Encounter celebrates the diversity of music

While it can be hard to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy listening to music, the particular genre of choice that is preferred is more difficult to identify. A huge variety of styles and sub-genres make up the wider music world, forming their own mini industries within it. But rather than limiting itself to one segment of the scene, online networking community Breve Encounter celebrates the diversity of music, opening its doors to the plethora of styles that exist within it and helping them to succeed.

Jonathan Richmond, Managing Director of Breve Encounter said, “The music business as a whole is huge, yet there exists many smaller circles and mini industries within it, catering to the specific needs and factors involved with each particular genre. For example, finding gigs for DJs and electronic artists is different to the live music scene for a guitar band, so the specific skills and experience of those working within each area reflects this accordingly.  However, these skills can sometimes cross over, which is why it is important to offer a space where the whole industry can connect.”

It’s not only the extensive selection of genres that Breve Encounter recognises, also inviting those working in musical roles that extend beyond a singer, artist or musician to join its virtual community. Breve Encounter hosts the entire music business on one website, and whether a rock band needs to source a designer in the same style, or a classical singer needs a sound engineer with experience recording high-pitches, this unique networking platform paves the way for a wide range of creative connections to be made.

Members of Breve Encounter must create a profile page to highlight their work to other users, similar to other social networking platforms. To effectively showcase the broad selection of skills that are invited to join the networking website, member can upload music and video files in a variety of formats, post images and fill out text boxes to describe themselves and their work.

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Breve Encounter is the place to be to find a musician, band, venue or event. You can get a gig, find a recording studio or photographer, and connect with other musicians and journalists and bloggers. It is a music network for everyone in the music industry and it’s free across all stages from creating a profile to connecting.