Roving road-tripper completes 30,000km Beetle blitz to experience wealth of European culture

Roving road-tripper completes 30,000km Beetle blitz to experience wealth of European culture

A Dutch road-tripper has completed an epic journey across Europe that has seen him dodge bullets in the Baltic States, ride the waves of the Mediterranean in the Portuguese Algarve and visit Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.

Niels Thomas has been the first person to complete the famous viral Dr Randal Olson road trip, which covers a total distance of 30,000km of travel through 41 different countries. Niels completed the journey in his humble Volkswagen Beetle, and photographed as many landmarks and cultures as possible during his journey in order to experience the entirety of European culture.

Niels Thomas, Founder of The Road Trip Guy, said: “The road trip was, quite simply, one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Seeing the rich tapestry of Europe in all it’s glory was amazing, and I’ve got a collection of memories to treasure for a lifetime.

“I did the trip because I want to inspire and motivate as many people as I can to live life to the fullest and experience as many new cultures as possible. Life is too short not to experience the beauty that Europe, and the world, has to offer.”

Niel’s epic road trip took 6 months to complete, starting on May 05 and finishing on November 10, and he’s uploaded his journey to his website with blogs, vlogs, maps and guides to show his progress and help other adventures looking to embark upon their own voyage.

Hollywood film star Ewan McGregor contacted Niels during his travels to tell him that he was enjoying his photos, which included hiking the mighty Trolltunga and Lofoten Island alone in Norway.

Niels also visited the filming locations of smash TV hit Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik and Northern Ireland, sailed the coast of Montenegro, flew over the Dordogne region of France and drove a tank in the Baltic States.

Niels added: “I’ve uploaded my entire road trip online in the forms of pictures, videos and articles so people can see what it was like. It was brilliant to hear that Ewan McGregor liked them!”

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