Wholesale body piercing specialists unveil design-led web platform

Wholesale jewelry specialists Salamander Jewelry have re-launched their website with a brand new design, emphasizing not only their wide range of body jewelry, but their ever-expanding line of high quality fashion jewelry.

Already well-established as a leading name in body jewelry, acting as the trusted suppliers of items including belly button rings, nose rings and studs to large chain stores such as Disney, Claire’s Accessories and Argos, Salamander Jewelry also produce and ship their own superbly crafted fashion jewelry to clients worldwide.

Presenting a stunning collection of stainless steel and silver jewelry suited to any occasion, the company is pleased to showcase the designs in the suitably luxurious setting provided by their sleek new website, recently upgraded to improve the customer experience. With everything from stainless steel pendants to beautiful silver rings and earrings currently available alongside their wide range of body jewelry, the company will soon be offering a range of superbly crafted children’s jewelry and accessories.

“The new website isn’t just for people making huge orders,” stresses Tomer Shiri, Salamander Jewelry’s Online Marketing Manager. “Our minimum order starts at just $100 – meaning there are lots of opportunities for smaller companies to benefit from our range as well as the larger stores who have already ordered with us!”

Salamander Jewelry started life in 1998 and has since grown year on year to become the go-to, one-stop shop for wholesale jewelry of all kinds. With a business model which emphasises integrity, sustainability and only the highest standards of production and artistry, all pieces are designed and crafted in the company’s Thailand factory before being shipped to a global clientele who trust Salamander Jewelry time and time again.

The whole range is now available to view and purchase online, providing something unique for the discerning jewelry store owner to offer their equally discerning customers – all at a fantastically competitive price.

Discover the full range of Salamander Jewelry by heading to the website at