Salary Sacrifice Schemes Crucial for Small Businesses with Net-Zero Goals

Salary Sacrifice Schemes Crucial for Small Businesses with Net-Zero Goals

For companies looking to reach net-zero goals in the new year, an electric car salary sacrifice scheme may be the best option that benefits both employers and employees, says fleet management and electric car specialists, Fleet Evolution.

In the UK, small businesses with less than 250 employees are not legally required to report their emissions under the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting policy, however many are taking it upon themselves to make a difference and hit the country’s net-zero goals. As SME’s move further towards carbon neutrality, many are adopting innovative ways to hit their goals, one popular option being salary sacrifice schemes.

As a similarly small business with less than 20 employees, Fleet Evolution is uniquely placed to offer sustainable solutions targeted to the more than 5.5 million small businesses currently operating in the UK. Unlike other fleet management companies, Fleet Evolution understands the intricacies of both the small business and benefits markets, making them specialised to partner with businesses to create innovative and effective sustainable strategies.

Fleet Evolution’s salary sacrifice schemes work by employees giving up a small percentage of their monthly salary in return for a fully maintained electric car. By providing this environmentally friendly benefit, employers can effectively reduce company-wide emissions as just one electric car on the road saves an average of 1.5 million grams of CO2.

Despite helping small businesses up and down the country reach their net-zero goals, Fleet Evolution has customers of all sizes. With their smallest customer having just 3 employees, and their largest having 10,000, the flexible benefits provider has the knowledge and experience to help a range of companies with their sustainable strategies.

Andrew Leech, Founder and Managing Director of Fleet Evolution, says “Small businesses are often left out when it comes to sustainable guidance, but just because you have under 250 employees doesn’t mean you can’t make a big difference.

At Fleet Evolution we work with a range of small businesses dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and encouraging employees to make environmentally friendly choices. Our salary sacrifice schemes are a great addition to the business plan of any company, being an easy way to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.”

With Fleet Evolution’s salary sacrifice schemes, employers and employees both benefit from hitting net-zero goals and saving on the costs of running a vehicle.

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