Salary sacrifice specialists Fleet Evolution urges businesses to go green with electric car fleets

Salary sacrifice specialists Fleet Evolution urges businesses to go green with electric car fleets

Provider of salary sacrifice cars Fleet Evolution has urged businesses to save the planet and realize the massive savings achieved by choosing from the extensive range of electric cars that they can provide to businesses.

Fleet Evolution’s fresh call for businesses to embrace the electric car comes in light of the rapid rise of electric vehicles, which has increased from only 3,500 in 2013 to 63,000 in 2017.

Andrew Leech, Fleet Evolution Managing Director, said: “Many people in the UK are starting to warm to the environmental and cost benefits of owning a hybrid or electric car.

“The amount of people who own an electric car has risen dramatically since 2013, and we want to encourage companies large and small to get in on the trend to help save our planet’s health.

“We offer a huge range of new models for businesses to choose from, including Elon Musk’s Tesla range to the more affordable Nissan Leaf.”

The average UK commute is 15 miles each day, with the average UK car producing 164g of CO2 per kilometer driven, creating total of roughly 4kg of CO2 per working day per commuter.

Fleet Evolution provides and manages car salary sacrifice schemes for businesses of all sizes, procuring fleets numbering thousands of cars to single vehicle deals.

Andrew said: “I’d like to urge any business thinking of realizing the environmental and money-saving benefits of hybrid and electric cars to get in touch with us.

“By getting an electric car in a salary sacrifice scheme with us, employers will also eliminate their employees’ costs insurance and maintenance bills.”

The benefits of owning electric and hybrid cars aren’t just limited to the environment; employees partaking in a sacrifice scheme with Fleet Evolution will only have to pay for their new vehicle’s fuel and avoid other costs associated with running a vehicle, such as maintenance and insurance.

Naturally, owners of salary sacrifice electric and hybrid cars will also pay much less on fuel and car charging facilities. Employees taking part in the scheme will also benefit from paying a reduced tax and national insurance due to exchanging a small part of their wage in return for a free, fully managed car.

A salary sacrifice scheme with Fleet Evolution can create savings of up to 45% with fully electric cars, and 33% with full hybrid models.

Participants of a car salary sacrifice scheme are also noted to be less stressed due to not having to take time to take cars for maintenance checks and organize repairs, as this is all taken care of by Fleet Evolution.

For more information about car salary sacrifice schemes offered by Fleet Evolution, please call 0300 302 062 or email