Sales of Calisthenics Fitness Equipment Soar as Gruelling TV Challenges Inspire Functional Exercise Trend

Sales of Calisthenics Fitness Equipment Soar as Gruelling TV Challenges Inspire Functional Exercise Trend

Fitness fanatics are turning away from mundane gyms in favour of practical at-home training equipment to obtain the body of their dreams according to one of the sector’s top retailers. Calisthenics exercise expert, Urban Strength has reported a huge spike in sales after competitive fitness programme Ninja Warrior inspired thousands of Australians to ditch their traditional work-out in favour of calisthenics. The brand expects the latest TV show in the genre, Australian Spartan, to have a similar impact over the next few months.

Jason Debel, co-founder of Urban Strength said, “There’s been a gradual trend within fitness circles for the lean gymnast look but it’s received an incredible boost thanks to the admiration that athletes competing on Ninja Warrior have earned. The speed, power, and strength displayed by competitors on the show has energised the audience and pushed many to give calisthenics fitness equipment a try too. We’re looking forward to seeing Australian Spartan hit screens with more displays of inspiring athleticism and hope we can help even more fitness fans to give this style of workout a try.”

Since last year’s Ninja Warrior aired, Urban Strength has seen store sales increase by a staggering 89% as audiences seek to emulate the fitness and aesthetics displayed on their screens. Calisthenics fitness regimes typically combine bodyweight exercises, movement, and specially designed equipment to increase strength, fitness, and flexibility in unison. The breadth of exercises and focus on practicality helps calisthenics fitness enthusiasts achieve honed gymnast bodies that receive envied looks.

As specialist providers in functional training equipment, Urban Strength offers a wide range of calisthenics equipment. Among the brand’s top sellers so far this year are Urban Strength Gymnastic Rings to develop strength and stabilizing muscles in the upper body, and the Urban Strength original brand Parallette bars for weight training.

Thanks to the convenience of an at home workout and no need for costly gym membership, a calisthenics programme is a great choice for those with busy lifestyles who want to tone up but struggle with mundane treadmill or circuit sessions.

Debel added, “We’re thrilled that more people are switching on to the potential of calisthenics and giving it a try for themselves. We want to help more people achieve their fitness goals with affordable, accessible exercise equipment. We’ll soon be offering even more product options, advice, guides, and tutorials to help our customers get the most out of their new passion for calisthenics.”

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