SARASON Releases Updated Line of Waterproof Android TVs for Bathrooms

SARASON Releases Updated Line of Waterproof Android TVs for Bathrooms

SARASON has been one of the biggest names in waterproof televisions for 13 years, and the brand is once again proving exactly why it’s a UK leader with a range of updated waterproof Android TVs. With self-care on the rise during the pandemic, and more ‘me time’ spent in the bathroom, the innovative collection, packed with a range of new features, comes at a time when many people are looking to enhance their relaxation experience, using streaming entertainment to unwind and chill out.

The new range sees real glass bathroom mirrors transform effortlessly into Android-powered televisions, with heated glass preventing the screen from steaming up during even the hottest of baths or showers. This perfect clarity is complemented by built-in Dolby waterproof speakers and full Bluetooth connectivity, helping to create a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The new televisions include a range of Android-compatible apps that come built-in to the TV itself, with no need for external streaming devices. Apps that can be accessed through Android televisions include Netflix, YouTube, Prime TV, and BBC iPlayer, making it easy to stream a wide variety of shows, from lighthearted entertainment to news stories, documentaries, and dramas. Additionally, the TVs can now act as a bathroom smart mirror with skin and colour tone detection and weight management via a Bluetooth scale for each member of the family.

Alan Rah, SARASON Director, says “During the pandemic, more and more Brits admitted to watching TV in the bath or shower, and it’s easy to see why. Baths have become the ultimate in COVID-secure self-care, and we’ve been seeing an increasing number of people searching for smart ways to enhance their relaxation experience through the extensive viewing options offered by major streaming services. We realised that there had never been a better time to expand our range with a line of new waterproof Android TVs, and we’re excited to see our technologies become commonplace in bathrooms, shower rooms, swimming pools, spas, and luxury hotels all across the country”.

This innovative new collection includes waterproof Android televisions ranging from 19 to 32 inches to suit a variety of bathroom sizes, shapes, and layouts. All televisions in the new line are manufactured to the highest standards, while conforming to all EU electrical standards. Televisions in the range can be operated with an 1P66 rated waterproof remote control included as standard, which offers full dust protection and protection from water jets.

Strategically designed to walk the fine line between superior quality and affordability, SARASON’s Android televisions are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, including home bathrooms and hotel rooms.

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