School Leavers Urged Not To Underestimate Level of Competition For University Placers Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

School Leavers Urged Not To Underestimate Level of Competition For University Placers Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

 Students applying for university places this summer should not underestimate the fierce competition to secure a first choice spot despite the coronavirus pandemic, according to one expert.

“Pupils planning to begin higher education courses in September shouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security by headlines suggesting things like classes will be held online instead of on campus. The lack of exams due to school closures may also have led students to believe that getting into their preferred university course will be somehow easier this year but that is certainly not the case,” warns Stephen Phillip Newall, founder of Personal Statement Service.

“We have already heard from the government that it intends to place limits on student numbers, which means that it could be that much harder to gain admission. It is vital to take the application seriously and expect a high level of scrutiny.”

Launched over a decade ago, Personal Statement Service is the most established personal statement service in the UK. It was founded when Mr. Newall, who is severely dyslexic, struggled to access support when completing his own university application.

This mirrors what many school leavers may be facing today as school closures mean no face-to-face time with teachers and other support staff – potentially meaning teenagers will be left to tackle the important job of writing their university application entirely by themselves.

“So much pressure is put on getting the personal statement absolutely right as it’s such an important factor. If a student does not get help completing this part of their application, they are really disadvantaging themselves. Students have already complained that there is a growing divide between privileged and underprivileged children during the pandemic, and this is backed up by teachers too so there is a real need to access help and make the application as polished and professional as it can be, even as schools remain closed.”

Personal Statement Service puts a professional writer at the student’s fingertips to help them craft a perfect personal statement – making it an indispensable aid for school leavers without face-to-face teacher support.  It offers thorough and carefully composed personal statements which undergraduate, post-graduate, Master’s and PhD applicants can use as a model draft to inspire their own statement submission. It has helped countless students be accepted to top universities including Oxford and leading medical schools.

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