More Schools Embrace Gaming as Research Shows Game Play Can Lead to High Tech Career Paths and More Engaged Students

More Schools Embrace Gaming as Research Shows Game Play Can Lead to High Tech Career Paths and More Engaged Students

If you want your child to pursue a high tech career path or get better grades at school – the key could lie in their favorite pastime. New research and lots of positive feedback from schools across America has found that embracing video games is a great way to nurture student talent and help make classroom lessons stick – a conclusion that MyRealGames, the number one free games portal, supports.

The website has a whole host of free games available for PC download, mobile and online game play that help student perfect key academic skills as well as transferrable talents like problem solving, logic and mathematics.

While gaming in place of homework might be banned in most teen households, game play is actually a great way to engage students and make learning fun – something that many schools and students say is actually helping them to achieve more in the classroom.

The Burleson Independent School District is one of a growing number to support game play during the school day, sixth graders are playing games to learn highly sought after skills such as coding from a young age, setting them up for highly technical and ultra competitive careers in the industry. Deans are reporting that kids love going to school and try harder in class to get a good game score – a twist on the usual grading model.

In Illinois, Illinois College has taken things a step further and added gaming to its athletic program. The College’s vice president of marketing and enrolment, Stephanie Elpers Chipman told the Jacksonville Journal Courier that, “Gaming teaches strategic thinking, work ethic, teamwork, perseverance and creativity, which corresponds well with IC’s mission to provide a strong liberal arts education.”

Nikolai Veselov, founder of said, “There is a growing body of research that is demonstrating the many positive effects that gaming can have on student learning and development. It’s so encouraging to hear that some schools are embracing gaming to update their curriculum and teaching model to better appeal to students – and the results they are reporting are so encouraging. For those pupils not lucky enough to go to such a progressive school, gaming at home can also help with some of the key skills development and, parents can support this by helping younger players to find educational and fun games to help develop key skills such as reasoning, problem solving, time management and team work.

“ has lots of free to download and free to play online games that make these tasks fun, and new ones are being added all the time.”

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