Scottish Songwriter Launches Friends Mission as Hit Show Makes a Comeback on Netflix

Scottish Songwriter Launches Friends Mission as Hit Show Makes a Comeback on Netflix

A singer and songwriter from Scotland that was inspired by hit US sitcom Friends almost 15 years ago is relaunching his song Closure (The One About Ross and Rachel) after the show’s successful comeback on Netflix UK. Talented musician and Friends fanatic Jason Campbell is now on a mission to get the tune noticed by the cast themselves.

The cult show’s favourite barista Gunther, played by actor James Michael Tyler, has already leant his support to the campaign with a tweet. With a grand plan of getting the song in front of Ross and Rachel themselves, better known as David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, Campbell’s launching a global social media campaign to spread the message. After finding huge success in the 90s, all ten seasons of Friends have had a revival after they became available to stream on Netflix UK, finding a whole new set of fans in the millennial generation that have fallen in love with 90s New York.

Campbell said, “Getting Ross and Rachel to give the song a push would make my day, my week, my month, and even my year. It’s a song that I first penned back when I was a teenager and just starting to envision a career in music and now the sitcom’s coming back to everyone’s attention it’s the perfect time to move out of second gear.

“Getting the tweet from Gunther was a fantastic boost for me and I’d love it if the gang of six New Yorkers – Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, and Joey – got involved too. Friends has a lot of fans and with this song, I’m really hoping that multiple generations and music lovers will connect with it and share it among their friends and followers too. It might be an ambitious goal, but nothing is impossible.”

Campbell’s original inspiration came from the season two episode The One Where Ross Finds Out when he was just 19, having discovered a passion for music in his early teens. With a mix of musical interests, with Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen having a particular influence, Campbell’s music brings something unique.

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