Screw Piling Is the New Era of Foundations, Says Leading Structural Repairs Firm

Screw Piling Is the New Era of Foundations, Says Leading Structural Repairs Firm

According to statistics, more than 20% of UK homes could be running the risk of subsidence [1] due to poor-quality foundations. One leading firm, Structural Repairs, suggests that screw piles could be the solution to building durable, long-lasting foundations.

Screw piling is an important and efficient method of building deep, strong foundations under domestic and commercial buildings. Using large steel screws filled with concrete, the piling method disperses the weight of the building above evenly to create a structurally-sound foundation.

Unlike underpinning, which involves filling areas of ground underneath a building with concrete in sections until the whole foundation has been replaced, screw piling offers an efficient solution that is able to prevent any unwanted foundational movement in the long run.

Not only is screw piling effective for domestic housing foundations, but it also has a range of other applications including, bridges, wind turbines, and building temporary structures. According to the structural repair’s specialist, this form of foundation has revolutionised the way we construct foundations and should become the norm moving forward.

Kellie Botha, Office Manager at Structural Repairs says, “Screw piling is one of the most common, and most effective, services that we provide at Structural Repairs. We think that it’s one of the most important ways to provide stability and longevity to a building’s foundation and believe that it’s normally superior to other forms of foundations in many cases. Screw piles are uniquely designed to suit the desired ground conditions and can be used in a variety of different ground/soil types, so are extremely adaptable to many projects”

Despite being an effective construction technique, screw piling is often subject to building regulations and requires approval from local building control inspectors. Therefore, it’s important that this work is carried out correctly by professionals – like the team at Structural Repairs.

Structural Repairs are the best point of call for anyone looking to reinforce their building’s foundation, or for construction teams looking to start a new project in the optimal fashion.

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