Seat Fillers Are More In Demand Than Ever Post-Lockdown Says Film Industry Expert

Seat Fillers Are More In Demand Than Ever Post-Lockdown Says Film Industry Expert, an online service that helps the leisure and hospitality sector to boost capacity and fill unoccupied spaces at major festivals and entertainment events, notes that public interest in ‘seat filling’ is rising rapidly in the new normal as theatres and cinemas return to business as usual. works closely with a number of organisations, directors, and producers who rely on the service to maximise their promotional efforts, utilising word of mouth marketing to drum up interest for upcoming releases.

Through the platform, members can receive tickets to festivals, theatre, movies, concerts, music gigs, dance, and a range of other events, all across the UK. And with tickets offered for free, it doesn’t cost seat fillers a thing.

While it may seem too good to be true, seat filling has been a critical part of the entertainment industry for many years. It’s frequently used by comedians to try out their set before high profile live shows, by musical companies to showcase new acts, or to ensure maximum capacity in theatre on press night, or even by festival directors who may offer last minute free tickets to increase concession sales.

Kate Bradford, Director, says “As lockdown restrictions begin to ease more and more, we’re seeing a rapid increase in the number of people signing up to become part of our private member’s club. Following a very challenging year for the entertainment and leisure industries, it’s been wonderful to see so many people eager to get back to normal and enjoy the social pleasures that were a normal part of our lives in the pre-COVID world”.

Cinemas, theatres, and large scale events have been off the table for a significant portion of the UK’s lockdown, leaving entertainment lovers starved of what they love most: getting out there, socialising, and having fun. While some Hollywood blockbusters have gone straight to streaming, watching from the sofa doesn’t offer the same experience as seeing it on the big screen.

However, people aren’t rushing back as expected, and it’s understood that while part of the reason is financial, some are still not confident enough to return to crowded venues. The pandemic has had a significant impact on financial confidence, with around one third of UK adults saying that they’ve been worried about their outgoings during the pandemic. By December 2020, 9 million people had borrowed money due to COVID.’s membership allows everyone to get out and enjoy themselves without worrying about the price, helping people to return to some degree of normality which is essential for maintaining mental health.’s private member’s club is free to join. For more information, and to apply for membership, visit If your application is successful, you’ll become an official ShowFilmFirst member, and will be contacted about tickets for events that meet your interests and preferences.