Secret to Celebrity Skin and Stunning Complexions is Neo Elegance

Secret to Celebrity Skin and Stunning Complexions is Neo Elegance

Beauty fans on a quest to achieve the flawless celebrity look have a new must follow brand to try – Neo Elegance. With the likes of Kimberley Walsh, Denise Van Outen, Lizzie Cundy and Michelle Heaton already fans of Neo Elegance’s treatments, the brand is making it easier than ever before to achieve enviable celebrity skin that’s perfect for taking selfies.

With paparazzi taking photos, it’s easy to see why celebrities want to maintain a youthful glow at all times. But the rise of the selfie trend means social media users want to boast stunning complexions too. The affordable, effective, and innovative treatments provided by Neo Elegance products make celebrity skincare accessible for everyone.

Neo Elegance is behind the pioneering Selfie Facial treatment too, which provides the ultimate protection from skin damaging high energy visible (HEV) light that’s become a part of modern life.

Farzila Allarakha, Aesthetic Practitioner and Training Manager of Neo Elegance, said, “The selfie culture has increased in popularity and with that comes exposure to HEV light, found in phones and laptops. This exposure is damaging skin and due to a lack of awareness selfie lovers aren’t protecting or treating the issues it causes, accelerating the ageing process of the selfie loving population.

“Our unique and effective Selfie Facial combats the damage HEV can cause. Neo Elegance is an already established brand among celebrities, who love our innovative skincare and beauty services and the Selfie Facial is set to be just as big for those seeking the rejuvenated, protected, and flawless complexions. For selfie addicts, our latest beauty essential makes it easier than ever before to achieve that stunning celebrity look and unlock youthful, glowing skin.”

Combining tried and tested skincare techniques with groundbreaking high-tech gadgets, Neo Elegance aims to revolutionise the beauty industry with its affordable product range and treatments that deliver real results. At the centre of the revolutionary Selfie Facial is the high tech Lumineo LED device for professional use that promises to leave customers with fresh, glowing skin. However, beauty lovers can get results at home with the Lumipro device too, allowing them to top up professional facials exactly when they need them.

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