Self-Funded British Online Art Gallery Helps Put Pennies in Artists’ Pockets

Self-Funded British Online Art Gallery Helps Put Pennies in Artists’ Pockets

Independent online art gallery, Art2Arts is putting an end to the ‘struggling artist’ stereotype, using a simple but effective ecommerce platform to ensure painters are paid properly for their work. Since launching in 2006, the virtual art gallery businesses has generated over £1,000,000 in sales of each contemporary artist’s work, acting as a combined marketing and sales hub to help relevant artwork be seen by artwork fans  that are ready to buy.

Unlike the physical art gallery environment, as well as other digital art businesses, artists that are a member of the Art2Arts community are not charged a joining or membership fee, with no contracts or exclusivity to limit their career. A small commission is taken from each sale of less than 40%, providing a fair platform for creative painters and other artists to earn a living from their craft.

Michelle Gibbs, a passionate painter and daughter of a business owner, founded Art2Arts while searching for a way to sell her work online. With this understanding of the challenges faced by practicing artists as well as the realities of the business world, she manages to balance creating a profit while maintaining creative integrity as she manages her leading online art gallery.

Michelle Gibbs, founder at Art2Arts revealed, “Creative people are often wary of the corporate, business world, with a similar attitude felt in reversal – they are often motivated by very different things! However, in order to be rewarded for their work and to make a living at their craft then an artist must dabble in the professional environment, no matter how daunting it may be.

“That is why I started Art2Arts, using my creative and corporate knowledge to help the two worlds work in harmony.”

Michelle learned her business credentials while assisting her father in her youth, enlisting her with an underlying understanding of the professional environment. This training saw her setting up ‘businesses’ from an early age, making and selling accessories at school. Now, this combination of creativity and commerce is apparent in Art2Arts, using these skills to put pennies in artists’ pockets, supporting and strengthening the industry.

Art2Arts is a diverse art retail platform, hosting artwork from hundreds of carefully selected contemporary artists. With over a decade in business, it has become a trusted name with a loyal customer base, enjoying a five star rating on TrustPilot. Browse the full range at