The Selfie Facial Launches to Combat Dull, Ageing Skin Caused by Screen Fatigue

The Selfie Facial Launches to Combat Dull, Ageing Skin Caused by Screen Fatigue

Selfie lovers have a new beauty treatment they need to be trying. Forward thinking brand Neo Elegance has launched a facial treatment that’s perfect for the modern age. Combatting the effects of blue light from common gadgets has on the skin, the Selfie Facial promises to rejuvenate skin to leave users with a youthful glow.

Farrah Allarakha, Director of Neo Elegance, said, “Tech plays such a huge part in our lives, from catching up with friends on a smartphone to using desktops at work. But the blue light emitted from these gadgets is causing damage to our skin. Research is still limited but there’s a link between blue light and premature ageing already emerging. With our skin, particularly that on our faces, being exposed to this type of light for hours every day, it’s time for beauty lovers to start doing something to combat screen fatigue only. This is exactly what our Selfie Facial was created for.”

Blue light or high energy visible (HEV) is emitted from many electronic gadgets, such as phones, laptops, and tablets. Studies show that HEV penetrates the skin more deeply than UV rays and accelerates the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, dulls skin, and sagging, as it causes damage to the skin’s collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid supplies. On top of causing signs of ageing, HEC can also affect the melanin production, which can create hyperpigmentation and discolouration in the skin.

The innovative Selfie Facial uses an LED device from Neo Elegance that boasts the latest technology. Through incorporating LED wavelengths that penetrate the skin, the facial accelerates wound healing, boosts collagen production, evens out skin tone, reduces breakouts, and improves overall complexion. In addition, the red light therapy from the Lumineo directly works to reduce and prevent damage caused by HEV light.

Allarakha added, “We know that people aren’t going to put down their tech, but they still want that perfect, glowing look for their selfies. The Selfie Facial helps to instantly refresh and revive skin for a look that’s ready to be snapped. Through stimulating natural defences and combatting the damage of blue light, the Selfie Facial can provide long-term results for those that want to make sure they’re always selfie ready.”

The Selfie Facial is the latest beauty innovation from Neo Elegance, which strives to push boundaries in the beauty industry. Through focusing on high-tech gadgets, the brand offers revolutionary aesthetic devices that are perfect for modern consumers that demand exceptional results quickly.

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