Selfie Generation Risk Skin Damage and Premature Ageing, Warns Experts Neo Elegance

Selfie Generation Risk Skin Damage and Premature Ageing, Warns Experts Neo Elegance

While the current young generation loves sharing selfies on social media platforms, skin care experts Neo Elegance are warning it’s a habit that could be damaging and ageing the skin – not the perfect combination for that Insta-worthy snap that will rack up the likes.

Beauty lovers that adore their tech gadgets, including their smartphones to take that envy-inducing selfie where ever they are, are harming their skin thanks to the high energy visible (HEV) light that’s emitted. As the growing popularity of selfies continues to soar, it could actually be costing budding photographers their youthful looks. HEV penetrates deeper into the skin than other light, meaning it affects the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin that are essential for that healthy glow every social media fan wants for their selfie.

Farrah Allarakha, Director of Neo Elegance, said, “Every day our skin is now exposed to HEV light for hours on end, but the impact it has on the skin isn’t talked about enough. It can cause premature ageing if nothing is done to protect the skin from the light. For the selfie generation who rely on their smartphones and other pieces of tech, taking action is essential if they want to maintain their selfie look over the years to come.”

Despite the evidence showing that HEV light does damage skin, the beauty market has been slow in providing useful treatment options to combat the issue. But innovative brand Neo Elegance has combined leading technology and traditional beauty techniques to deliver a device that promises to provide effective protection that fights the signs of ageing, including dull skin, sagging, and fine lines.

Using cutting-edge LED technology, Neo Elegance’s Lumineo device can be found in beauty salons across the UK and can be used to offer the ground-breaking Selfie Facial. It pledges to deliver protection from harmful HEV light, improve skin health, and leave beauty fans with fresh, rejuvenated skin that they’ll want to show off with a selfie.

Neo Elegance is at the forefront of researching and developing devices that can help combat the skin damage caused by HEV light, an issue that’s set to grow as use of smartphones, tablets, computers, and more continue to rise.

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