From semen masks to permanent make up tattoos

From semen masks to permanent make up tattoos: Stella Ralfini, 70, sets new beauty trend for women over 60

Stella Ralfini, author of Three Faces of Sex, hit headlines two years ago after the 70-year-old announced an unusual youthful skin secret, the sperm facial. Here she returns with her latest tip aimed at giving women over sixty, especially singletons, a major confidence boost. Stella reveals why the latest beauty trend of permanent tattoos could help women feel rejuvenated and ready to date once more.

Stella Ralfini, author and beauty advisor says, “‘Women over 60 deserve to feel beautiful and show the world we’re not over the hill. Ever since I had my eyebrows, eyeliner, and mouth lines tattooed, I feel like a saucy minx again. I love the fact that I wake up ready to go. I can swim without my eyeliner running and my lips look plumper than ever!”

Even at the age of 70, retirement is the furthest thing from Stella’s mind. As an international life coach for over 30 years, she has advised clients on everything – including relationships, sex, career, health, and, of course, beauty.

Like most women her age, Stella lives on a budget and is careful about where her money goes. She is thrilled to share her little-known beauty destination, aiming to help others that want to feel just as confident as her.

“Athens, Greece is a great place to get such permanent makeup. There is no governing board in the UK following up on makeup tattoo practitioners and thus some profess to be experts having taken just weekend courses in the art. In Greece, practitioners go through rigorous tests before they are given a license, so the chance of something going awry is rare.

“In London, the price of three tattoos would cost £1500.  In Athens, I only paid €420 for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. If you just want one or two tattoos then the price is even less,” she continued.

Many women aged 60 and over suffer from conditions such as arthritis or poor eyesight, causing issues when applying makeup. Permanent make up tattoos provide the answer. What’s more, they can be used to restore colour to the areola area around the breasts if women have had a mastectomy.

Permanent make up is applied with hypo allergic iron-oxide pigments. This means that the chances of developing an adverse reaction is slim. They last for up to two years and can be subtle or bold depending on personal tastes and lifestyle.

Stella continued, “When I go out to party, I highlight my eyeliner further but during the day I feel confident enough to go without. The tattoos have been a valuable time saver.”

Women need not worry about wandering lost and alone in Athens. During the months Stella is there, she is happy to advise at every stage. Such service is not normally provided. However, life, love and relationship coach Stella does nothing half-heartedly.

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