Sex Doll Sales Surge During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sex Doll Sales Surge During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Both couples and single men and women alike are turning to sex dolls in their thousands to spice up the nationwide COVID-19 quarantine, with one leading retailer reporting an unprecedented increase in demand.

Sex Doll Genie says orders have spiked across the board in the last ten weeks as millions of people have found themselves with more time on their hands as the result of the pandemic lockdown. Purchases by heterosexual couples are already up 33.2% year-on-year for April, with February and March also breaking previous sales records.

The site has seen demand from single males of all sexual orientations more than double in Q1, with a 51.6% increase in sales between February and March, while orders placed by single females grew 15.8% in the same period.

Sex Doll Genie is the largest sex doll store in the world, with more than 2600 premium, hand-crafted and made-to-order sex doll designs from 16 different brands. The family-run business is the most positively reviewed sex doll brand for 2019 and 2020 across Europe and the USA.

Janet Stevensen, Co-Founder & CEO of Sex Doll Genie said, “We are seeing the sex doll industry go through a revolution during the COVID-19 pandemic with a huge increase in orders from both couples and male and single females. Couples who have been quarantined together seem to be much more open to trying something new after possibly experimenting more during the lockdown. We are also seeing more single men and women placing orders for the first time; we think this is because they view solo play as a safer alternative to dating apps like Tinder right now.

“What’s interesting about this massive increase in demand is that we are also seeing a changing demographic which is very positive for the sex doll industry and speaks to changing attitudes at home. The traditional stereotype of loners choosing sex dolls as a last resort is totally inaccurate. What we are seeing now is doll use is going mainstream with men and women both enthusiastic about bringing a doll into their bedroom.”

Sex Doll Genie’s typical clients during the coronavirus isolation turn traditional notions of sex doll use on their head with the average customer identified as highly educated, single males and females between 30-40 years-old, along with high income, heterosexual married couples looking to add a new dimension to their sex life together.

The three best selling doll designs are the adventurous, survivalist Frankie, H-cup, Daria, and male doll, Lucas. In addition to a greater number of purchases, Sex Doll Genie’s email volume has tripled. Phone calls and SMS contact is up 85% in the USA with several hundred live chat queries per day submitted. The retailer has expanded its support staff, creating several new jobs for customer service reps, and will begin offering 24/7 support this week to accommodate requests from all time zones across the globe.

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