Sex shop offers curious participants an introduction to the joys of tantric sex with leading spiritual healer

Sex shop offers curious participants an introduction to the joys of tantric sex with leading spiritual healer

A forward-thinking sex shop with its finger placed firmly on the button of sexual discovery is keen to encourage individuals to enhance their lives and inject passion into relationships with the help of tantric sex.

Sh! is a leading London sex shop that has been helping women connect with their real sexual selves for over 20 years and is now opening its doors and inviting both couples and solo participants to learn about the joys of tantric sex in a comfortable class environment.

The ‘Introduction to Tantric Sex’ class will be hosted by Jay Diamond, a spiritual healer with more strings to her bow than most and a degree in psychology and sociology to boot.

A practicing yoga teacher, physic and coach, Jay will be drawing on a vast range of both personal and professional experiences to help attendees of the class overcome anxiety, shame and sexual assault to live more fulfilling sexual lives.

Renee Denyer, Store Manager at Sh! said: “We are delighted to be offering our customers the chance to enjoy an evening learning from a true spiritual talent with plenty of wisdom up her sleeve to offer out.

“Jay has appeared in Mind, Body Green, Spirit & Destiny, Elephant Journal  and Kindred Spirit Magazine to name a few and is an expert when it comes to helping individuals overcome the pain of their past and embrace a more fulfilling future.

“Tantric sex is an ancient Hindu practice that encourages couples to slow down and embrace lengthy foreplay sessions to achieve more powerful orgasms. The practice isn’t goal-orientated and instead encourages those that practice it to stop thinking about the end result of sex and instead enjoy the buildup.

“Jay will be sharing some exceptional techniques and practical advice that couples can take away with them to help them achieve both their romantic and sexual goals.”

The class is open to both sexes and will be taking place at the Sh! store on Thursday 10th May at 6.30pm. Participants will be greeted with a glass (or two!) of bubbly to support the relaxed feel of the event.

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