Sh! invites sex-positive pioneers to talk about the politics of pleasure at Bloomsbury Festival

Sh! invites sex-positive pioneers to talk about the politics of pleasure at Bloomsbury Festival

At 4 pm on 21st of October, the founder and MD of Sh!, the UK’s first women-focused sex shop, is inviting sex-positive couples and individuals to attend a frank and open discussion on sex and the politics of pleasure at Conway Hall in London.

This event is being held as part of the five-day Bloomsbury Festival; a trailblazing programme of science, literature, performance, music, and discussion, shining a light on the radical imaginations, institutions and 11,000 residents of contemporary Bloomsbury.

Sh! are thrilled to be invited to curate a conversation around womens’ sexuality, particularly as the festival celebrates the centenary of women’s right to vote for the first time, with the theme; ‘Activists and Architects of Change’.

Bringing together other pioneering women who are leading sex-positive change though a female perspective of pleasure, Ky will be joined by Pavan Amara (Founder, Nichi Hodgson (broadcaster & Author of ‘The Curious History of Dating: from Jane Austen to Tinder’), Reeta Loi (Musician and CEO and Stephanie Theobald (Journalist &  Author of ‘Sex Drive’).

Sh! founder Ky said “It’s important that we start to take conversations about sex and pleasure out of the bedroom and out into the open.

Discovering our sexual selves is an integral part of intimacy and sexual freedom and every member of the panel is passionate about helping women gain confidence and start themselves on a journey to sexual empowerment’.

‘Sex and the Politics of Pleasure’ is free of charge, however, attendees are being urged to book their places in advance as the event is sure to be a popular listing on the Festival calendar.

The event is predominantly aimed at women, but men are also encouraged to attend. Due to the nature of the topic, it is advised that this event is not suitable for children or those under 18 years of age.

To book your free ticket, visit to find out more and reserve your place.