Sh! Reveals It’s List of Must Have and Kink Festival Items as Music Fans Prepare for Summer Weekends Camping

Sh! Reveals It’s List of Must Have and Kink Festival Items as Music Fans Prepare for Summer Weekends Camping

As festival-goers start planning the items they’ll pack as they head off for a weekend camping filled music, innovative sex shop Sh! has unveiled its list of must-have items, from the practical to those that promise an evening of thrills.

Right at the top of the list are stand to pee devices that will quickly become a favoured item when campers spot the portaloos and long lines to access the toilets.

Renee Denyer, Store Manager at Sh!, said, “Every festival fan has experienced a disgusting loo that they’d rather avoid. For women, the ingenious Whiz Freedom device is a must carry with them so they can skip the lengthy queues and have far more freedom, ensuring they don’t miss that must watch set because they’re caught out waiting to pee. For trans men, there’s an essential gadget that can help in this area too. Mr Fenis not only makes it easy to go about your business standing up but it can help users feel far more comfortable when using the crowded men’s room, so they can focus on having the time of their life at their chosen summer festival.

“Women that find their period coincides with festival dates can find it’s a hassle to ensure they have tampons and pads to hand, it’s why a Mooncup is also a must pack. The reusable, comfortable cup is purse-friendly and ideal for when you want to carry minimal baggage with you.”

With the practical essential out the way, Sh! has identified the playful, discreet kink items that ought to be packed too. Small in size but packing plenty of thrills to be explored, the sex experts at Sh! urge festival-goers to consider the stylish and sassy Crave Vesper Necklace Vibrator with four orgasmic settings or the quite but strong Love Bullet Silver Lipstick Vibrator that boats eight different throbbing and escalating patterns.

Denyer added, “Whether you’re heading to a festival with a partner and planning some passion as you camp or you’re looking for a sensual romantic encounter, packing one of our many discreet vibrators can take it up a notch. For those that want to explore their BDSM side while enjoying a festival, sexy, versatile jewellery, like our elegant Bijoux Indiscrets Necklace Whip is the perfect accessory for any outfit or nothing at all.”

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