SharpLaunch announces new custom email tool

SharpLaunch announces new custom email tool

SharpLaunch, the all-in-one digital marketing platform for commercial properties, will roll out a brand new email marketing tool today, designed specifically to help CRE professionals create and send beautiful mobile-friendly email campaigns to promote their commercial properties at anytime. The feature-rich email builder is packed with functionality, and makes fragmented, time-consuming email marketing a thing of the past for savvy SharpLaunch clients.

The email tool features an email builder suitable even for users who might never have created custom emails before with an easy, intuitive interface. There are report exporting options, scheduling options and performance reports, as well as simple integration with the existing SharpLaunch lead management system.

Users can customize emails for each lead, ensuring all client communications reflect existing branding. Emails can be scheduled for specific send times, and opens and clicks tracked for follow-up with comprehensive performance reports.

This is a great addition to our already impressive roster of software,” says Bob Samii, CEO of SharpLaunch. “We wanted to offer our clients a single tool for all their marketing activities and make life simpler for our customers. The responsive email builder means users do not have to pay separate subscriptions for other email marketing platforms or wrestle with integrations and campaign management split across several fragmented software solutions. Combined with our marketing analytics tools, document portals, interactive map offerings and property websites, SharpLaunch is proving itself to be invaluable to CRE professionals.”

SharpLaunch has already released a host of features to help CRE firms streamline their marketing activities and get better insights into their marketing efforts. The email builder tool is the latest in a string of planned new additions.

The new SharpLaunch tool is available exclusively to existing customers.

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