Shatterproof lighting explained by lighting experts BLT Direct

Shatterproof lighting explained by lighting experts BLT Direct

BLT Direct, a leading stockist of high-quality lighting products and accessories, is shining a light on the importance of shatterproof lightbulbs in order to protect homeowners and workers in the event of bulb breakage.

Many non-shatterproof bulbs break into tiny shards of sharp glass in the event of an accident which can be problematic in commercial premises which need to follow strict health and safety guidelines.

Such breakages can be caused by routine lightbulb maintenance and can have a detrimental effect on working time should the area need to be cordoned off during the process.

Around the home, tiny fragments of broken glass can be difficult to detect and pose a risk to children and pets. Replacing traditional glass lightbulbs with their shatterproof counterparts means homeowners can protect family members while still enjoying excellent levels of illumination.

The term ‘shatterproof’ denotes the strength and quality of the bulb. Current EU regulations state that shatterproof bulbs should work by retaining all shards of glass at the end of their full life expectancy or in the event of accidental damage.

Shatterproof bulbs are suitable for a wide range of applications, with several varieties designed for both residential and commercial use.

Shatterproof GLS Pearl lightbulbs offer 100 watts of bright illumination with a bayonet base type making them an ideal lighting solution for pendant lighting and table lamps in offices, living areas and bedrooms.

For commercial use, shatterproof fluorescent tubes provide a bright white light source and exceptional lifespan. They are a cost-effective way to illuminate offices, car parks, warehouses and other internal areas. With a 3500k light temperature, these shatterproof tubes are one of the most popular ranges available from BLT Direct thanks to their ease of installation and the wide range of sizes available.

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