Shiftwear Takes Customizable Kicks to the Next Level

Shiftwear Takes Customizable Kicks to the Next Level

Say goodbye to traditional sneakers. Shiftwear has redesigned footwear – and it’s revolutionary.

Shiftwear, the footwear designer with a difference, has opened up a world of sneaker designs – with a little help from smartphones. Taking the idea of customizable footwear to the next level, the Shiftwear collection makes it possible to send images and videos from smartphones and place them on footwear.

Coming straight out of Back to the Future, Shiftwear has reimagined footwear, blending it with technology to create truly customizable sneakers that will never leave trendsetters bored. Working seamlessly with a dedicated app, the sneakers boast flexible screen technology that wirelessly links to the mobile app, making it easy to change the image or video displayed at the tap of a finger. Mirroring what’s on the phone, the sneakers make light work of truly individual footwear.

David Coelho, Founder of Shiftwear, said, “The Shiftwear sneakers really are like no other. Technology has dabbled in clothing and footwear over the years, but it seems to have stagnated over the last five years or so. However we want to re-introduce them and create something truly unique that everyone will love.

“The technology is based on years of research and development, but we’re now in a situation where the possibilities of this technology are endless; it could be applied to countless other applications and we’re excited to lead this movement and explore all the options that will stem from these truly spectacular sneakers.”

Prototypes have been developed, with videos of the kicks working grabbing the attention of fashionistas everywhere. Having thrashed their fundraising target on INDIEGOGO by more than 3000 percent, the company has been able to develop not only the product, but a fully-functioning ecommerce platform to boot.

Set to launch their hotly anticipated footwear line in early 2018, they are currently available to pre-order in a kaleidoscope of colors, the Shiftwear kicks will change footwear forever.

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