Shining a (low-cost) light on LED floodlights

Shining a (low-cost) light on LED floodlights

LED lightbulbs may have changed the domestic lighting world, but they’ve also had a real impact on the wider world, too. BLT Direct, one of the country’s largest suppliers of lightbulbs and pioneers of LED lighting, has shone a light on LED floodlights and how they are transforming communities all over the world.

The sporting world is one that relies heavily on lighting, and once upon a time old halogen and incandescent bulbs were used to illuminate fields as the nights drew in. Not only did this mean they needed replacing regularly, but it also caused steep energy bills. Baseball giants, the Baltimore Orioles, have recently replaced their old style flood lighting with a bright new LED system. Set to cut down on energy consumption by 54% and last for around 36,000, both their carbon footprint and energy bills.

Similarly, the surfer’s paradise of Lima in Peru has recently completed a project that will light up the beach with LEDs. Four cement poles have been installed with two 1,000-watt LED floodlights on each in order to light up the surf at night. Able to illuminate a radius of 650-feet, it is hoped these new lights will encourage surfers to take to the water at night.

It’s not just the sporting and recreational world that can benefit from installing LED floodlights. An historic tower in Lindley, West Yorkshire, has been brought to life once more thanks to the very modern practice of illuminating it with LED floodlights. The lights sit at the foot of the landmark tower and enables it to be seen from miles around.

Steven, added, “LED lighting is not a new concept, but only now have many started to see the almost limitless benefits of them and how they can help to transform lives and highlight communities in which we live all over the world.”

BLT Direct has one of the largest ranges of LED floodlights available on the internet.

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