ShoulderSink Launches in the UK to Redefine Hand Hygiene for UK Commercial Vehicles

ShoulderSink Launches in the UK to Redefine Hand Hygiene for UK Commercial Vehicles

ShoulderSink, a provider of innovative hand hygiene solutions for commercial vehicles, is set to make a splash in the UK market. With a proven track record of success in Germany and the Benelux region, where the company has sold 40-50,000 units to clients such as Autobahn GmbH and THW Civil Defence, ShoulderSink is poised to revolutionise hand hygiene in a range of industries in the UK.

In the United Kingdom, a significant portion of commercial vehicle operators rely on trade wipes or heated washes for hand hygiene. Only a small fraction have access to water and soap. ShoulderSink offers a comprehensive handwashing solution, combining water, soap, paper, and a bin, all in one unit. ShoulderSink also features an additional dispenser, which can be filled with barrier cream, sun cream, or another product, depending on the specific industry needs.

What sets ShoulderSink apart is not just its convenience but its effectiveness in promoting hand hygiene. Unlike other traditional water-based systems, ShoulderSink’s arm-operated design eliminates the risk of cross-contamination, making it a far more hygienic choice.

Product designer Michael Jensen said, “Water and soap have always been the gold standard for hand hygiene, as recommended by global health organisations like the WHO and CDC. Our product provides a compact, easy-to-use solution that meets these high standards while being cost-effective and space efficient.”

Many rely on wipes, yet studies show that soap and water provide the most effective hand-cleaning method. Not only are wipes more expensive, but they also fall short of the standards set by healthcare experts. The NHS, WHO, and CDC all recommend water and soap for visibly soiled hands, regardless of water temperature.

“We will be showcasing our product at PestTech, Honey Show, Tool Show in London in October and November, and LAMMA in Birmingham in January,” adds Jensen. “We encourage visitors to come by and try ShoulderSink and arrange for a free test in their own vehicle fleet.”

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